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Gridare’s Support Centre

Gridare’s support centre gives you access to any additional information you may need as well as answering you questions easily.  Many of the questions you have will be quickly answered in our FAQ section.

The frequently asked questions link will direct you to our easy to use FAQ page where your questions will be answered quickly.

Just click below to be directed to our FAQ page. It is advised to begin seeking information here as many questions have already been answered for you and this gives you instant answers.

If you find that your question has not been answered by our comprehensive FAQ page then the next step is to lodge a ticket.

When lodging a ticket please follow the form provided and include as much information as possible.

It is requested that you check the FAQ page first so that a question that has already been covered by this page is not lodged and therefore allowing our departments to respond to new questions without being delayed. You help in this is greatly appreciated.

If you find that once you have used our FAQ page and lodged a ticket that you still need further assistance, please call us on

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