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Gridare Hosted PBX
The PBX is the system within your business that directs and handles incoming calls once they reach your telephone system from the PTSN (Public Telephone Switched Network), as well as handling your internal calls and managing your telephone communication system.

Traditional PBX systems involve expensive hardware with small business PBX hardware starting around $3,000 and medium business PBX hardware starting around $10,000. This is before installation and maintenance costs, phones, monthly line rentals and various call charges.

Gridare’s hosted PBX requires none of this expensive PBX hardware, installation or maintenance, and the low monthly fee of $8.95 per extension including GST, covers everything. Run all your calls through your standard ADSL2 connection. The only additional expense is your one off phone purchase costs and monthly call charges.

Gridare’s hosted PBX cuts costs by utilising the latest internet telephone technology. This allows you to have all the functionality of a PBX system without the cost of expensive hardware. The feature rich system allows you to customise, change and integrate options easily via a simple to use website. This eliminates all the expensive installation and maintenance costs while allowing you to take advantage of cheaper call rates.
Features of Gridare’s PBX include:
  Auto Attendant
  Record incoming greetings to direct your clients to any handset or external number. In conjunction with your answering rules, this is a powerful tool usually reserved for the traditionally expensive PBX systems.

  Answering Rules
  From utilising an auto attendant to direct your clients to various departments to ringing multiple handsets, you decide how your incoming calls are dealt with. Should a call not be answered on time, schedule the Gridare system to send the call to another extension, an external number or play a recorded message/voicemail. You have the ability to change the way calls are answered depending on time of day or date.

  Voicemail to Email
  Gridare has implemented a voicemail to email feature. All voicemails left with your user account will be emailed to you in real time. The email will include details such as the number calling, the length of the call and the audio attachment.

  Conference Calls
  You have the ability to have a 3 way conference call using the conference call feature on the Yealink phones. This can be initiated either through a call you originate or someone calling in. The conference calls can be with internal numbers or external callers.

  Call Logs
  With Gridare’s detailed phone logs, you have the ability to monitor all call details (both inbound and outbound) in real time. These reports can be broken down by individual users, specific numbers called, specific days as well as knowing how long a user was on the phone either per call, per date range, or even to a specific number.

  Custom on
Hold Music
  Such a powerful system wouldn’t be complete with your very own on-hold music. You have the ability to record your own on-hold music. You even have the option to have your music professionally recorded, which can be uploaded into your new phone system.

  FREE Internal Calls
  Whether you sit across the room or across the Globe, all calls between your account are free. Have an office in Sydney and another in Melbourne, call each other, or transfer calls to each other for free.

  Failover Option
  In the event that you have an internet failure at your premises, our system can failover onto a standard phone line, your mobile, or even just play a message with voicemail attached.

  Easy to Use
Web Interface
  All the features above can be managed via a simple to use web based interface. This is also backed up by Gridare’s support team.



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